To properly welcome a child, parents tend to ask themselves many questions. Especially if this is the first child, but not only. In fact, welcoming a little boy and then a little girl can raise new questions. And this even if the decoration of the room is not a first. There are many articles on the internet that can help guide parents. But among the variations of style and trend, we help you take stock to take decisions serenely.

What are the essentials in the nursery?

To begin with, it is important to choose the right furniture. Especially in a small space. Indeed, overcrowding the bedroom could eventually make it less functional and less pleasant. So, in the essentials for a nursery, we can make a fairly simple list: a cradle or a bed, a chest of drawers, a cozy armchair with practical cushions to rock the baby. And that’s all. The rest is mainly useful to make the bedroom pleasant. Like curtains or rugs.

Why use powder pink in a baby’s room?

Powder pink with its soft and soothing hue makes it a perfect color for a child’s room. It can be found in little girls ‘bedrooms as well as in little boys’ bedrooms. This shade of pink is closely linked to the uterine life of the child and therefore helps to create a warm and reassuring atmosphere reminiscent of a mother’s womb. Therefore, there is no need to censor pink because of the sex of the child.

Why are sheer curtains important in a young child’s bedroom?

The first days of a baby’s life are always special. Life in the air has nothing to do with what the child experienced in mom’s womb. The colors that mom’s skin lets through give a muffled appearance that babies know perfectly well. Indeed, remember that they just spent nine months there. And so at the height of their lifespan, this is what they know the most. Allowing the child to regain this luminosity can help him calm down, help him to find sleep. So curtains are particularly recommended for lowering the brightness of many bedrooms.

How to manage the light contributions in the room of the little ones?

Although felting is used to manage the moods of toddlers, they still need light like all living things. Therefore, it is recommended to place the bed close to a natural light source. Like a window for example. Be careful, however, to keep this place secure so that the child cannot reach the window. And above all to ensure that you can easily control the level of light with suitable curtains.

Why can we use rugs in the nursery?

Baby is growing fast, but that might not be the reason for putting a rug in their bedroom. No, the carpet helps to create a cocoon-like atmosphere in a child’s room. Rugs imitating animal skins have the ability to be pleasant but also to participate in the development of the senses of the youngest. Accompanied by curtains and other decorative items, the rug can quickly reduce the space in the room to reassure a child. A small space within a larger space open to the world is the design style that can be looked for in a child’s room. This ability to adapt to the needs of young and old alike is the success of a successful nursery decoration.

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